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Introducing The EdPower Collaborative 

Dr. Donna Elam
Elam Leadership Institute

EdPower Partners with the Elam Leadership Institute to Accelerate Student Achievement

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Our goal is to help school systems understand the root causes of why gaps are occurring. Our team coordinates with you to customize the professional development, based on data, to unpack the gaps and accelerate student achievement.


Dr. Donna Elam, the founder of the Elam Leadership Institute (ELI), serves as an advocate for change in education. Dr. Elam's institute comprises National educational leaders who work with educators like YOU. The team's mission is simple- infusing equitable practices into all aspects of the school day; increasing achievement outcomes for ALL students.

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Our goal is to work with educators to produce results that close the gap while accelerating student achievement

Our Goal

Build capacity among leaders and educators in the skills that drive sustainable change

Increase high levels of engagement
Motivate to change
Create a space that allows for the adoption of a new mindset, beliefs, and values that facilitate shifts in behavior and practice.
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Elam Leadership Institute (ELI) is a group of leading national research and development professionals working to unpack educational gaps through research, policy, and practice.  ELI supports an interdisciplinary approach for all education levels, identifying barriers faced while uncovering root causes of low achievement.  The team bridges the gaps by constructing personalized professional development sessions.  Learn more about our Professional Development Series!

How is the Elam Leadership Institute Powered by EdPower different than what you may already have in place?

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The Elam Leadership Institute's roots in desegregation combine EdPower's data analysis with research-based classroom practices

EdPower's granular data process paired with Elam Leadership Institute's ability to incorporate aligned Professional Development to your data results

The Elam Leadership institute's ability to completely customize services to meet your specific needs while guiding and coaching your staff the entire way

EdPower's dashboards correlate what YOU want to track, explain the data findings, and provide experts to help fill in the gaps with research-based strategies

The Elam Leadership Institute helps you construct needed data collection processes with and for you to meet every need

EdPower collects and analyzes all of your data with the Elam Leadership Institute on your behalf

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Customer Reviews
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Ready to UNPACK your gap?

With Elam Leadership Institute and EdPower together, we provide the tools and support you need to  boost student and teacher success!

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