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Joe Wallace is currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer for EdPower. Joe has been in the Software Industry for 30 years delivering SaaS technology for HP LaserJet printers,  Voice for TV as well as the commercial irrigation industry. Simplifying complex problems into easy to use solutions has been a hallmark throughout his career.


Chief Executive Officer

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Chief Operating Officer

Michelle Kinley is currently serving as the Chief Operating Officer for EdPower. Michelle started in the classroom as a special education teacher. Over the last 20 years, Michelle has been heavily involved in online learning and educational technology serving as a consultant for IBM, Office Depot and many other organizations in need of educational strategy. Her love for online learning and equitable practices started in the early 2000's during her time with Florida Virtual School.

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VP of Sales and Channel

Andrew Klingman is currently serving as EdPower’s Vice-President, Sales & Channel. Andrew has spent the past ten years in education sales in various managerial and individual contributor roles. He joined EdPower in 2019 after having worked with the company as a channel partner and strongly believes in the impact that can be achieved through the utilization of the EdPower platforms. 

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Dr. Donna Elam

Dr. Donna Elam is the CEO of The Elam Leadership Institute and a nationally recognized authority in Equity, Cultural Competence and Diversity.  She has held countless appointments and positions in key educational leadership roles and today leads the Leadership institute in providing technical assistance and professional development to help school districts and communities, with diverse populations, bring about policy and practice change among practitioners-- with the goal of achieving equitable, academic, and socio-emotional outcomes.

Dr. Elam has been key in leading states and local school districts under mandatory desegregation orders into the full unitary status and continues to do this important work with districts today. 

She is also an esteemed author of several white papers, such as the famous From the Schoolhouse to the Jailhouse- can we stop it well as her children's civil rights book series "Why They Marched: The Struggle for the Right To Vote”


Dr. Judy Warden Fields is the Chief Executive Officer, of Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence, and a  nationally recognized expert in education policy and school improvement.

Dr. Fields served as a senior appointee to former President Bill Clinton and was a key voice on educational policy at the United States Department of Education. She headed up the USDOE in the southeast region advising and representing both the Secretary of Education and the President of the United States on the national education agenda. Before this appointment, Dr. Fields served as then Tennessee Senator Al Gore’s statewide education policy advisor. 

Dr. Judy Warden-Fields


Donis E.Tolner Jr.,Ed.D

Donis E Toler Jr., Ed.D. is a Principal for Columbus City Schools who oversees a large, urban traditional high school. After spending past 6 years as an Executive Director of Human Resources for Princeton City Schools, Dr. Toler knows what truly drives academic success, building relationships, and transformational leadership – and it’s not mastering what’s on the daily menu at school. It’s how well you connect with the heart-beating students, staff, and parents you’re trying to help, communicate, and collaborate your understanding back to them. 

Dr. Toler has landed coverage in print and news outlets around the state and country, including the American Association of School Personnel Administrators, ESPN, Big Ten Network, National Newsprint. His own articles have been featured in “The Perspective” as well as Google Scholar. In addition to his extensive Human Resources and Transformational leadership experiences, Dr. Toler is an Adjunct Professor for several Universities teaching Doctoral, Master’s, and Educational Specialist courses. 

Dr. Toler holds an Ed.D in Educational Leadership from Walden University, a Masters of Art in Teaching and Learning from The Ohio State University, and a Bachelor of Art in Speech Communication from Denison University. 

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Kevin Bury

While many business leaders are now talking about Customer Success, Kevin has  built and led customer-focused teams and companies for more than 25 years.

He is passionate about helping customers obtain value and believes that the more you do to help clients, the more success you will enjoy. It’s what he calls being Altruistically Selfish; taking care of yourself by taking care of others’ needs first. Kevin has successfully proven this philosophy works repeatedly in high tech companies such as HP, Affiniscape, QuickArrow, and now at SolarWinds.

In addition to Kevin’s work at SolarWinds,  he is a coach, mentor, and advisor to CEOs, Investors, and Directors of tech companies to create innovative go-to-market strategies and spearhead operational transformation, increasing sales and reducing costs to increase revenues and shareholder value.

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Bill Baker, a seasoned software veteran and investor, helped usher in the modern Business Intelligence era; first at Oracle, and then at Microsoft.

As General Manager and Distinguished Engineer, he led the development of Microsoft’s Business Intelligence platform from inception through his retirement in 2008.  During that time Microsoft became a leader in Business Intelligence.

Since his retirement, Mr. Baker has invested in start-up companies in the SaaS and alternative energy arenas.  He serves on several corporate boards and as an advisor on technical as well as a business strategy to several companies.  He is active in charitable giving and chasing grandchildren.

Bill Baker

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