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EdPower has made data collection and analysis easy for Districts and Schools.

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Data Lake

(EdPower ODS)

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Automatically sync data with most Student Information Systems (SIS) and add support for any SIS

Offering our own SIS as part of our SaaS platform suite. 

Seamlessly import assessment data from most assessment platforms.

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School Districts today are immersed in many different educational technology platforms. Each platform offers its own set of data reports, and districts are now requiring leaders to dive deeper into the data for student achievement transparency and accountability. EdInsights help districts and schools feel confident by pulling together all the data streams from the different platforms into one dashboard for aggregation. 

Once aggregated, data visualization reports help districts gain critical insights on how to meticulously plan achievement strategies with confidence. Consultations help leaders understand how to read the data and track progress, while improving communication between schools, teachers, students, families, and staff.  


Business Team

EdPower has successfully implemented an operational data store (ODS) in 61 Districts including charter schools.  

EdPower is working with Lexington 5 School District in South Carolina, and New York City School’s District 14 implementing dashboards to track and analyze equitable data and practices influencing the achievement gaps.

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