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Riverside Insights has exclusively partnered with EdAssess to digitize the Iowa Algebra Aptitude Test (IAAT).
This test has been given in school districts as a paper test for decades. EdPower is now the sole online delivery for this test!


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The Iowa Algebra Aptitude TestTM assesses a student's math ability and preparedness for high school algebraic courses in 4 areas, pre-algebraic concepts, interpretation of mathematical information, representing relationships, and using symbols. The assessment scores assist teachers and counselors with initial placement of students in the secondary math curriculum.

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Iowa Algebra Aptitude Test

Math Formulas

Whether you’re helping a classroom full of students improve reading and math scores or working one-on-one to discover an individual's unique learning needs, Riverside Insights™ has the proven assessment tools you need to measure what matters and unlock new opportunities for sustained growth and lifelong achievement.

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GMRT features research-based tests that allow teachers and schools to identify the general level of reading achievement of individual students throughout their entire school careers. The objective information obtained from GMRT, complemented by teachers’ evaluations and other sources of information, can provide a basis for the following:

  • Organizing students into appropriate instructional groups

  • Selecting students for individual diagnosis and special instruction

  • Identifying students who are ready for more advanced instruction

  • Placing new students into proper instructional programs

  • Evaluating the effectiveness of instructional programs

  • Reporting student progress to parents, teachers, and the community


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Gates-MacGinitie Reading Test

Boy Reading Tablet


Riverside Insights is committed to helping individuals elevate their learning potential-from early childhood through their academic journeys.  Assessments play a critical role in this effort by providing actionable insights, derived from accurate, reliable, and consistent data.

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