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Dr. Donna Elam, founder of the Elam Leadership Institute (ELI), developed the nationally recognized Equity of Effort Framework based on her extensive field work with governmental agencies and school districts.
The Framework is grounded in research, addressing every aspect of the educational system from policies to practice. Equity of Effort is operationalized using a logic model. This unique planning process guides leaders and practitioners in understanding and implementing proven equitable practices across all sectors of the system.
The entry point into the process is analyzing the data. Beginning with data uncovers achievement gaps and drives the compelling whys and hows for educators, raising real-time questions that are explored through the planning process, such as:

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How do we engage in constructive data dialogues?

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How do we make things more tangible for our students and families?

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Why aren’t all of our students performing at high levels? 

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Why do some of our students seem disengaged?

How do I engage my entire faculty, so they do not feel this is one more thing to do?

How do the demographics of educators and student population compare?

Analysis of the data informs professional development to support what teachers need to know to impact student outcomes. The combination of training and consultative coaching is a powerful motivator for building educator confidence in tandem with student achievement. As teachers study their practices and their data, they gain the tools and information they need to chart the instructional path to high levels of achievement for all groups of students.



ELI’s equity of effort framework is powered by EdPower’s EdInsights Platform

 “Partnering with EdPower has allowed the Elam Leadership Institute to scale the Equity of Effort Framework nationally. Having the ability to provide schools with real time data dashboards reflecting their exact needs and requests has been a game changer for education.”  - Dr. Donna Elam

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EdInsights has the unique ability to pull in data from any assessment systems currently being used in a district. Pulling together all the different data streams into ONE dashboard not only gives time back to the administrators but, offers equitable dis aggregations that are readily available.  

  • How is discipline affecting achievement?

  • Is there a decline in achievement for students that are chronically absent?

  • Are the professional development days increasing achievement?

  • Does socioeconomic status have an impact on achievement?

  • Is achievement being measured all year or only during certain times of the year?

  • How does student performance compare across program assignment?

ELI defines equity as “providing the resources needed for all students to attain high academic outcomes.” By employing the Equity of Effort Framework, district and school-based educators develop a deeper understanding of the challenges and barriers faced by students striving to attain success in school. Understanding the challenges and implementing the actions driven by data and targeted in the logic model result in measurable progress toward closing achievement gaps.

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