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  • How Elam Leadership Institute & EdPower are Assisting Districts with Unpacking Gaps & Disparities

    Since COVID, schools have undergone a whirlwind of change. Everyone agrees that the pandemic certainly had a devastating impact on learning. According to NAEP (The National Assessment of Educational Progress), the average decline in math for 4th and 8th graders was the largest EVER recorded, and reading scores declined to the lowest levels in over two decades. Only half of the teachers teaching 4th and 8th grade reported feeling confident in their abilities to address the learning gaps. Districts need desperate help coaching teachers on accelerating learning while simultaneously helping students bridge learning gaps. This is the exact mission and vision of The Elam Leadership Institute, led by Dr. Donna Elam. Dr. Elam brings decades of leadership and experience to educators obtaining both her master's and doctorate degrees from NYU while working to dismantle educational systems that do not provide opportunities for all students. Her leadership model is infused with hope helping educators understand the NOW WHAT questions that so many in schools ask today. In 2018, The Elam Leadership Institute (ELI) partnered with EdPower to help schools understand how to utilize and interpret the data they were collecting to indeed make sure all students were on the path to success. Unpacking academic and behavioral gaps utilizing an asset-based model helps to operationalize equitable outcomes for all groups of students. The partnership brings districts together to unpack and address common recurring themes of today such as: How can I increase data literacy in my school? How do I increase rigor for all students? How do I create a positive educational climate and environment? How do I decrease the disproportionalities I am finding with our behavior incidents? How do I incorporate collective efficacy into daily classroom routines? How can I make sure everyone is interpreting the mass amounts of data received the same way? Working with districts such as Metro Nashville Public Schools, Hoover City Schools in Alabama, or several districts in South Carolina, the goal is to unpack all of the gaps so educators understand how to move forward to accelerate achievement. ELI and EdPower make this process as easy and seamless as possible by pulling in all of a district’s data, analyzing the data on the district's behalf, and meeting with district teams to explain the root causes of disparities. So far we have learned that districts can pull data and they can analyze each report, but understanding how to move forward across all data sets can pose some problems. From there, districts personalize the professional development needed from ELI based on the reviews and walkthroughs. Districts comment on how much this partnership has: Increased capacity among leaders while breaking down silos Increased high levels of engagement Created a space for hard questions and topics to be unpacked Instilled new mindsets, beliefs, and values that facilitated shifts in behavior and practice These accomplishments are all research-based and aligned in parallel to the Elam Leadership Institute’s equity of effort framework which walks educators through how to design and implement inclusive curriculums, involve students in assessments, employ effective questioning techniques, and create positive educational environments and climate while also ensuring rigor for ALL students. A sample of additional sessions can be found here. If any of this interests you please reach out to us to have a conversation! Also, check out this video sharing Dr. Terry Lamar for Hoover City Schools' experience with this partnership! References:

  • A Journey to Systemic Change in Hoover City Schools, Alabama

    To bring about systemic change, a deliberate effort must be made to achieve significant results. This process of fostering sustainable growth in all areas of education and providing the necessary resources to succeed takes time and patience. The most uplifting aspect of this work is collaborating with educators who prioritize the well-being of their students and colleagues. These dedicated individuals put in place systems and procedures that align with their values and result in improved academic performance and equal opportunities for all students This has been our experience working with Hoover City Schools in Hoover, Alabama. Led by Superintendent Dr. Dee Fowler, the district has taken comprehensive measures to ensure that EVERY student has a positive trajectory, and as a result, the data is promising as one of the districts in the nation for their work promoting educational equity. Research shows that the global pandemic’s instructional inconsistencies have caused a loss of about 35% of a normal school year’s worth of learning; however, Hoover City Schools has maintained student performance well beyond the nationwide average. According to the latest research by Harvard and Stanford Universities (1), Hoover City Schools was recently recognized for significant overall positive academic outcomes. Dr. Chris Robbins, Chief Learning Officer for Hoover stated, “nationally, the average student lost more than half of a year of learning in math and a quarter of a year in reading from 2019 to 2022. This research also indicates that many subgroups, particularly Black students, Hispanic students, and students in poverty, were negatively impacted by learning losses to an even greater extent than white students. But that’s not the case in Hoover City Schools; and what’s so exciting is seeing these subgroups make academic gains at a rate that is the same or greater than the rest of the student body in the district.” (2) ● From 2019 to 2022 district-wide, Hoover students showed learning gains of +.35 in math and +.39 in reading, equivalent to about three to four months of learning in each area. The national research results showed this was an uncommon outcome. ● HCS landed on four National Top 10 lists for districts with substantial learning gains for students in poverty, Black students, and Hispanic students. ● According to this study, those specific subgroups also showed increases of three to four months of learning equivalence gains in reading and math in 2022 compared to 2019. Most districts saw losses in these areas. (1) In 2018, Hoover City Schools entered into a partnership with The Elam Leadership Institute, led by Hoover City Schools Chief Administrative Officer Dr. Terry Lamar. Dr. Lamar worked weekly with the team from The Elam Leadership Institute to help construct a process to coordinate and analyze needed data on behalf of Hoover City Schools. Dr. Lamar coordinated regular communications, data collection and analysis, and goal-setting with a local team of teachers and administrators. Facilitated and guided by the team at The Elam Leadership Institute, conversations and processes relating to equitable access and opportunities became threaded throughout the fabric of the entire school district. Hoover City Schools has made tremendous strides toward leadership in diversity, and currently has increased the percentage of African Americans in all certified positions; including district administrators, principals, and assistant principals. Dr. Lamar states, “The original intent of working with the Elam Leadership Institute was to ensure that equitable practices were integrated into all facets of our schools and central office. We wanted to create an environment where students saw themselves in the classrooms, and curriculum, aligned to equitable discipline throughout their educational process. The Elam Leadership Institute helped facilitate this original intent… and it is working! We are absolutely seeing the results across the board.” Dr. Chris Robbins has also worked hand-in-hand with The Elam Leadership Institute to ensure that high-value equitable instructional practices are present across the district’s schools, classrooms, and learning programs. “The district’s partnership with The Elam Leadership Institute has been instrumental in helping our principals and teachers understand the importance of being reflective in not just what we do, but how and why we do it,” Dr. Robbins remarked. He continues, “Equitable access to learning starts with teacher development and understanding, leading to intentional adjustments to a teacher’s instructional approach. The Elam Leadership Institute reminds us that all data tells a story and that we need to be consistent in using data to drive our instructional decision-making as it relates to equity. I am so pleased that the Elam Leadership Institute notes multiple patterns of data within HCS that point to an overall climate of high expectations for growth for every child.” As a result of educator burnout and the need for increased student foundational wellness, many school districts are at a loss for how to truly move forward. Immediately prior to the pandemic, the Elam Leadership Institute formed a partnership with EdPower to fuel the data correlations and analytics needed to uncover the root causes for not-so-common disparities. Unpacking academic and behavioral gaps utilizing an asset-based model helps to operationalize equitable outcomes for all groups of students. Specifically, the partnership helped Hoover unpack and address themes such as: ● How can we increase data literacy in our schools? ● How can we increase rigor for all students? ● How do we create positive educational climates and environments? ● How can we decrease the disproportionalities we are finding with our behavior incidents? ● How can we incorporate collective efficacy into daily classroom routines? The Elam Leadership/EdPower accomplishments are all research-based and aligned in parallel to the Elam Leadership Institute’s Equity of Effort and Unpack the Gap series which walks educators through how to design and implement inclusive curriculums, involve students in assessments, employ effective questioning techniques, create positive educational environments and climate while also ensuring rigor for ALL students. A sample of additional sessions can be found here. For more information on how your district can become involved, click here to learn more. References:

  • Why a Student e-file is a Blueprint for Success

    The number of factors contributing to a student's holistic success is innumerable. In the whirlwind of our modern society, it can be very difficult for stakeholders to keep track of what is taking place in a student's success plan. What is an e-file? EdHub’s student e-file delivers pertinent information to teachers, parents, and other relevant stakeholders. It gives a concise, up-to-date snapshot of a student's progress. Parents and educators can view learning plans, benchmark data, performance information, behavior incidents, and more relevant information throughout a student's k-12 career. Utilizing an e-file is a convenient way to track student data year-over-year. Why should my school use EdHub? Access Our student e-file logs all student information in one convenient place accessible to parents and educators. Gathering data into this view offers everyone involved in the student's education accurate and up-to-date information. Having this data brings transparency while removing barriers to student success. E-files unveil the most impactful route for achieving individual success. Progress Monitoring Once everyone has access to the e-file for students, not only does it allow stakeholders to create the most impactful learning map, it also allows everyone to monitor a student’s progress along the way. Having real-time information allows immediate tweaks and changes to be made to a student’s plan without having to wait for the next parent-teacher conference. Having real-time data allows interventions to happen earlier rather than later. If it’s noticed that a student is struggling in one area, then student interventions for tutoring or other services can be made immediately. Real-time progress monitoring allows educators to strategically increase student success without depleting resources. Forward Planning Our student e-file not only helps aggregate a student’s progress while in high school but can also be used to assess college readiness and prepare for degree planning. If a student knows early on in their high school career what they are interested in studying, this can be utilized to help shape their sophomore and junior years of high school. Using the historical information, educators can work with their students to identify and create post-secondary education plans to map the route it will take to get there. Both parents and educators can access this plan through the e-file to ensure the student is staying on track. Assessment & Reporting EdHub’s data integration system allows schools to track their key performance indicators while aggregating data from multiple sources. This can be especially helpful when it comes to state reporting and monitoring district benchmarks. There are several important factors to consider when determining the best data integration tools for your institution. Choosing one that offers a seamless student e-file like EdHub, ensures that your educators are not just integrating information but taking action on the data. With actionable steps documented in a student’s e-file, student success outcomes can do nothing but increase! To find out more information about EdHub click the link here.

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  • Our Platforms | EdPower

    OUR PLATFORMS EdPower’s platforms are designed to serve as the foundation for effective instructional technology use by implementing award-winning tools that create valuable insights for teachers and leaders. Our intuitive cloud-based solutions allow educators to identify and infuse equitable practices that promote individual student achievement through actionable data. EDASSESS Streamlined Assessment Adminstration EDFOLIO Manage PD and Micro Credentialing EDHUB 360 Degree Student Data Hub EDINSIGHTS Powerful Analytics EDASSESS EdAssess provides a simple and intuitive user interface that teachers and students have come to love. Every day thousands of teachers and students use EdAssess to manage, deliver and take assessments utilizing multiple device types. Learn More Effectively measure the level of proficiency for each student. Utilizing results data, districts can use EdAssess' proprietary reporting to identify gaps and adjust targeted curriculum accordingly. Leverage recommended assessment cycle to tailor your strategy, including formative, interim and summative testing. EdAssess' suite of reports will allow educators to benchmark performance and provide support implementing targeted instruction. Utilizing standards-aligned prebuilt assessments district leaders can develop a comprehensive assessment strategy for all grade levels. EdAssess provides exceptional reporting from a district overview down to student level results. EDFOLIO Empower teachers to drive personal growth via a secure cloud-based portfolio! Easily store and share artifacts that correlate to specific aspects of any state or district's professional educator framework. Learn More Leverage district or state-mandated frameworks and forms while adding support mechanisms for coaching and mentoring, such as SEL, new teacher induction programs, and more without creating redundancies! Districts can pull in content from virtually any source to provide a customizable and easily searchable catalog of professional development resources with credit-tracking capabilities. Tagging standards is a unique advantage to EdFolio, which enables the evaluator to quickly recall and catalog evidence linking every note, artifact and/or course to the appropriate standard for all district staff. Offers detailed insights on activity and progress as well as strengths and opportunities. Leaders can then individualize plans for strategically aligned professional development and other supportive actions. EDHUB EdHub provides educators with impactful longitudinal e-files. Start the year knowing all students are on the right track! Learn More Document process workflow Plug actions directly into student learning plans Manage PBIS programs Collaborate through PLC's Maintain YOY learner profiles Synch with most any SIS Set and manage goals Testing accommodations Upload highlighted work Plans can be utilized for... College and Career Readiness Gifted Pathways ELL, SEL & Literacy SPED, 504 & IEP Address the whole child Aggregate assessment data from various sources Prescribe instruction from district approved resources Parent/Student portal EdInsights can shorten your process, seamlessly organize raw data into actionable insights, and drive data discussions to guide instruction in real-time with brilliant data visualization reporting. Learn More EDINSIGHTS Educators can now gain critical insights on how to meticulously plan achievement strategies with confidence while learning how to understand and apply the data, track progress, increase communication and more! EdInsights powerful data visualizations will give PLC’s access to incredible adaptive displays in real-time. Go beyond assessments by encompassing key performance indicators such as behavior, attendance, intervention outcomes, and more. With our regular report pulls, leaders will have access to actionable data and structured professional development. Contact Us For More Information EDASSESS EDFOLIO EDHUB EDINSIGHTS

  • EdHub | EdPower

    EdHub data aggregation and intervention platforms enable all stakeholders to systematically foster engagement and collaboration for every learner. Through intervention planning, digital resources, and longitudinal reporting; EdHub will simplify and accelerate your schools’ ability to turn data into action. Learn More Customer Login Product Updates Update: April 2022 Update: Feb 2022 Update: March 2021 Update:August 2021 EMPOWERING EDUCATORS AWARD WINNERS FOR 2022-23 ​ Track by date, time and grade Search by incident type Track by motivation, location and severity BEHAVIOR INCIDENTS Prepare for child study team Create individual or group interventions View longitudinal movement between tiers Track by tier INTERVENTIONS ​ College & Career Readiness Customized Plans ELL, SEL, RTI/MTSS & Literacy Gifted, SPED, 504 & IEP PLANS CAN BE USED FOR Aggregate assessment data from multiple sources Prescribe instruction from district approved resources Track key performance indicators ASSESSMENT RESULTS Plug interventions/accommodations directly into student learning plans Access shareable attachments Collaborate through PLC’s PROGRESS MONITORS REPORTING ​ State Assessments Customizable district and school reports District Assessments & benchmarks Deep analytic analysis for planning DATA HUB EdHub acts as the data hub and analytic engine for schools and districts. Combining advanced data management and open education resources to create and connect personalized learning plans and interventions to all of the assessments and instructional resources already available in schools. EdHub gives educators and administrators the in-depth knowledge needed to effectively implement plans that increase student achievement. This cohesive system reinforces educational requirements and values established by states across the nation. PARENT PORTAL View established learning plans, interventions and progress monitors Check performance on state and district assessments Monitor learning goals set and follow the progress being made EdHub delivers an entire view of each student's learning profile. EdHub was designed to ensure that educators have a solution to help students make significant longitudinal achievement gains. An educator can view each student’s e-file which includes, assessment data, learning plans, behavior incidents, notes and progress monitors from the previous school year(s) laying the trajectory for impactful student learning from day one of the new school year. As data is built up year over year, educators can track progress, implement additional services, document new challenges, address gaps, encourage growth, and celebrate successes with each student. Boise State University conducted a study on the effectiveness of EdHub and EdAssess combined to investigate whether a whole district's use of the software was an effective way to improve student achievement and college readiness. EFFICACY STUDY DOWNLOAD STUDENT e-file Student Information Performance Educational Support Benchmarks Programs

  • EdPower | Empowering K-12 Educators | Powerful Platforms | United States

    PARTNERS MAKE THE IMPOSSIBLE, POSSIBLE. Cultivating effective change together for educators and students. Elam Leadership Institute Riverside Insights ELAM LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE Our team coordinates with you to customize the professional development, based on data, to unpack the gaps and accelerate student achievement. Discover the power of our platforms and how they can help enhance your K-12 solutions and grow your business. Let's Chat EDPOWER'S PARTNER NETWORK IMPACT We are delighted to team up with education experts from across the country to help schools and districts create solutions that optimize current practices so that every student can have an engaging, purposeful and successful future. Check out how we are leveraging support from our partnerships to ensure that all students have access to quality education. More Partners THE EDPOWER ADVANTAGE EXPERIENCED Our founding team has an average of over 20 years of leadership experience in their respective fields that include academic leadership in school systems. RELIABLE We consider the trust of our customers our greatest asset and are committed to offering quality products and knowledgeable services that are immediately responsive and dependable. INSIGHTFUL We understand the complexities and nuances of organizational operations, instructional accountability, and learning measurement. ​ INNOVATIVE Our team’s collective experiences and research combine to design innovations that serve learning environments for today’s knowledge-based economy. Take Action EdPower Advantage Platte County School District #1 Kimberly School District #414 Wendell School District #232 Twin Falls School District #411 Great Falls Public Schools Filer School District #413 Buhl School District #412 Mountain Home School District #193 Fremont County Joint School District #215 Teton Co. School Dist #1 Jerome School District #261

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