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Starting Back to School with the Right Assessment Plan:

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

As districts get ready for schools to reopen, educators will be faced with the largest learning gaps they have experienced in years. Silverback Learning has worked to identify several solutions to help you meet these challenges head-on!


edifyAssess is an assessment tool for educators to identify key learning gaps. During this time, edify is being used to leverage prior-year EOC assessments to level set the skills each student is entering the new school year with. Our partnership with Key Data Systems provides hundreds of assessments for ELA and Math in grades 3 through 11.

Of particular interest in the Fall, are the EOC ELA and SBAC assessments. The end of course ELA assessments show where each student resides within the content correlated to standards they should have mastered the previous year; while SBAC shows where students are in terms of common core standards.

Once the baseline is understood, strategic choices can be made around scaffolding prior-year content into the current year. Certainly, some students will require more intensive efforts like RTI/MTSS to ensure larger learning gaps are closed. edifyAssess can not only help with establishing the baseline, but it also contains interim assessments to help assess students throughout the year; helping drive instructional strategies and ensuring students are learning those core critical skills. For students struggling on certain concepts, mini strand-based assessments can be given to ensure skill gaps are adequately closed. District created and custom assessments based on Depth of Knowledge levels and standards can be disseminated too!

Leveraging hundreds of prebuilt assessments in this way helps to turn gaps into gains! Equity is also addressed by having continuous knowledge of where each student resides academically.

edifyAssess allows you to turn paper assessments into digital assessments that can be automatically scored and reported on by standard; providing a visual overview of standards-based performance for your entire class or classes. Powerful reporting capabilities at the student, class, building and district levels allow you to see gains and accomplishments. With the uncertainty of the new school year, and the potential for another online learning transition, edifyAssess can easily deliver digital assessments supporting your online learning strategies.

edifyAssess can be a powerful and guiding platform, whether online or in person. Let us show you how to implement a comprehensive strategy to close the learning gaps, make gains on the new standards and help you address the inequity among your students by surfacing learning opportunities!

Schedule a demo today to see how edifyAssess can help your district achieve positive gains!

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