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EdPower announces NEW exclusive partnerships with Elam Leadership Institute and Riverside Insights ® ‏

We are excited to reveal what is on the horizon. 


Robust data analytics, assessment administration, observation, evaluation, professional development and portfolio options for teachers and administration.

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360 Degree Student Data Hub

Display data from multiple platforms in one central view.

Construct and track programs and plans.

Drive instructional effectiveness through a next generation SIS

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Streamlined Assessment Administration

Choose from standards aligned item banks and hundreds of pre-built tests.

Measure standards mastery through robust reporting.

Leverage data to create personalized learning paths.

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Real time coaching and observation.

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Manage PD and Micro-credentialing

Develop Your Craft.

Unlock personal growth.

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Results aggregated to inform instruction in real time.

Powerful Analytics

Seamlessly organize raw data into actionable insights.

Gain critical knowledge and understanding through data visualization.


Educators and administrators partner with EdPower to propel students in their personalized learning journey and teachers in their professional success. Schedule a Demo and let EdPower revolutionize the way your team looks at instructional effectiveness.

Instructional Management System

Offering solutions to aggregate, view, and analyze valuable student insights that help to drive personalized learning decisions.

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Personalized Learning

Generate easily accessible data that drives educator and/or student progression towards their personal achievement goals.

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Standards Aligned Formative Assessment

Create comprehensive standards-aligned formative and summative assessments with access to item banks, district-owned items, and reporting.

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Longitudinal Learning Paths

Show progress across all levels of learning from programs and plans to interventions and classwork! Competency-Based Learning report cards.

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Complete RTI/MTSS Solution

Instant access to academic and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) benchmarks and indicators to support instructional paths based on the whole child. Create progress monitors, assign and track individual or group interventions and understand behavioral trends.

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Observation and Evaluation

Provides a full scope evaluation management process that guides meaningful conversations and growth indicators for improved instructional practices for any employee role.

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Professional Portfolios

Longitudinal portfolio curation enabling a completely portable personal and professional development archive of artifacts . Portfolios capture personal success and reflection highlighting excellence in educational professional practice.

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Student and Parent Portals

Enhance communication across all stakeholders. A robust tool that provides easily accessible student and parent portals to increase timely focused conversations, targeted communication, and improved outcomes.

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EXPERIENCED   Our founding team has an average of over 20 years of leadership experience in their respective fields that include academic leadership in school systems.

RELIABLE   We consider the trust of our customers our greatest asset and are committed to offering quality products and knowledgeable services that are immediately responsive and dependable.

INSIGHTFUL  We understand the complexities and nuances of organizational operations, instructional accountability, and learning measurement.

INNOVATIVE   Our team’s collective experiences and research combine to design innovations that serves learning environments for today’s knowledge-based economy.



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Before EdHub the data lived in different silos, on different servers, and in paper files throughout the district.  We had no effective and consistent way to share information, collaborate on student plans, or effectively track and analyze the data over time. Having an e-file on every student empowers our teachers, gives them more time to teach and effectively collaborate to provide the best learning experience for every student.  EdHub is the one-stop-shop for our school district. - Great Falls 

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