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Why a Student e-file is a Blueprint for Success

The number of factors contributing to a student's holistic success is innumerable. In the whirlwind of our modern society, it can be very difficult for stakeholders to keep track of what is taking place in a student's success plan.

What is an e-file?

EdHub’s student e-file delivers pertinent information to teachers, parents, and other relevant stakeholders. It gives a concise, up-to-date snapshot of a student's progress. Parents and educators can view learning plans, benchmark data, performance information, behavior incidents, and more relevant information throughout a student's k-12 career. Utilizing an e-file is a convenient way to track student data year-over-year.

Why should my school use EdHub?


Our student e-file logs all student information in one convenient place accessible to parents and educators. Gathering data into this view offers everyone involved in the student's education accurate and up-to-date information. Having this data brings transparency while removing barriers to student success. E-files unveil the most impactful route for achieving individual success.

Progress Monitoring

Once everyone has access to the e-file for students, not only does it allow stakeholders to create the most impactful learning map, it also allows everyone to monitor a student’s progress along the way. Having real-time information allows immediate tweaks and changes to be made to a student’s plan without having to wait for the next parent-teacher conference. Having real-time data allows interventions to happen earlier rather than later. If it’s noticed that a student is struggling in one area, then student interventions for tutoring or other services can be made immediately. Real-time progress monitoring allows educators to strategically increase student success without depleting resources.

Forward Planning

Our student e-file not only helps aggregate a student’s progress while in high school but can also be used to assess college readiness and prepare for degree planning. If a student knows early on in their high school career what they are interested in studying, this can be utilized to help shape their sophomore and junior years of high school. Using the historical information, educators can work with their students to identify and create post-secondary education plans to map the route it will take to get there. Both parents and educators can access this plan through the e-file to ensure the student is staying on track.

Assessment & Reporting

EdHub’s data integration system allows schools to track their key performance indicators while aggregating data from multiple sources. This can be especially helpful when it comes to state reporting and monitoring district benchmarks.

There are several important factors to consider when determining the best data integration tools for your institution. Choosing one that offers a seamless student e-file like EdHub, ensures that your educators are not just integrating information but taking action on the data. With actionable steps documented in a student’s e-file, student success outcomes can do nothing but increase!

To find out more information about EdHub click the link here.

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