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Updated: Nov 22, 2021

August 2020

Dr. Joy Rapp

Former Superintendent

Sr. Account Executive

No matter the state you reside in, the 2020-21 school year will offer some unique mix of remote learning experiences, and teachers will face students with various levels of mastery from prior coursework.

The American Federation of Teachers recommends that “An extensive review of all assessment programs should be conducted to prioritize assessments that provide teachers with critical information and to decrease the amount of teaching/learning time lost to assessments. Ideally, diagnostics should be teacher-friendly and accompanied by access to relevant instructional resources and supports to fill gaps.”

Silverback’s edifyAssess + KDS is here to help!

Over the past few months, we have learned from Ed.Gov how important it is to use valid and reliable assessments. edifyAssess + KDS help schools quickly identify the summer slide and school closure learning gaps. With over 500 pre-built assessments designed to identify student progress, edifyAssess offers immediate reporting on student needs. The assessments were written specifically for each grade level using appropriate academic language and checked for validity and bias!

This new unprecedented school year will have teachers needing targeted interventions and differentiated instruction online, and at their fingertips while in the classroom to help individual students reach their learning goals. edifyAsses + KDS targets instruction creating QUICK CHECKS to monitor progress on each student. When you need the option to go fully mobile in an instant, edifyAssess can serve as the central location for a district's assessments turning paper assessments into digital assessments that can be automatically scored and reported on by standard!

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