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Roadmap to School Reopening

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Over the last 90 days, educational leaders across the nation have worked tirelessly to make sure students have some semblance of a daily educational experience. Just as states start to somewhat get a handle on remote learning, educational reentry plans have to be organized with an overall level of commitment.

Every state has their own specific nuance to deal with; be that equity issues, technology issues, bandwidth, internet, sanitization….but no matter the nuance, all states are truly trying and making progress!

The next hurdle? Reopening Schools!

The feds have structured a phased-in approach to reopening, and we are currently still in the first phase. For schools that means- CONTINUED CLOSURE.

Phase two begins when there is a downward trajectory of positive COVID testing continued for 28 days. During this phase schools can begin to think about reopening

Phase three begins when there is a downward trajectory of positive COVID testing continued for 42 days. Phase three is when life, as we once knew it, can begin to peek its head around the corner. Schools are able to reopen as well.

One consistent measure is clear, that no matter what state or circumstance you are faced with, the need to know where students are academically on day one of their return is imperative. States are entertaining many different avenues to accomplish this:

  • Retooling spring assessments for school opening to give a starting point for gauging student achievement gains

  • Using the last assessment given pre-COVID as the point to start from

  • Review data from all curriculum and vendors in use to construct learning plans

  • Moving to grade free model so all just move at their own pace

For more guidance on how you can structure your reopenings, please check out these roadmaps offered by the Opportunity Labs! According to the lab, the roadmaps are constructed on evidenced based operational plans and comprised of the essential actions designed to spur thinking, planning, and prioritization and likely to have the most significant impact with limited time and resources.

Silverback is here for you too! We have embraced these challenges so check out the platforms we have to assist in your reopening!

Tune in June 30th at 1pm est to hear from the experts! Dr. Judy Warden from Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence and National Equity expert Dr. Donna Elam will join us for a live chat on the nation returning to schools. Reserve Your Spot Today!

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