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EdPower is partnering with Navvy to offer formative assessments that provide immediate, actionable results through their award-winning platform EdAssess.  Together this team is on a mission to simplify personalized instruction and help successfully navigate each student’s learning journey.

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Dr. Bradshaw has a Ph.D. in Research, Evaluation, Measurement, and Statistics and is a tenured Associate Professor and Program Chair of Quantitative Methodology in the Mary Frances Early College of Education at the University of Georgia. Dr. Bradshaw began her journey of designing a new assessment system that would be helpful for students and teachers, and our educational system as a whole, after completing her Master’s degree in Mathematics Education and certification as a high school mathematics teacher. Her heart as an educator is ever at the forefront of her work as a professor, researcher, and author. 



Navvy’s new way to approach assessment in schools has been approved by the US Department of Education and Georgia’s State Board of Education as an innovative assessment system being implemented under USED’s Innovative Assessment Demonstration Authority.

Under IADA, the Navvy model will allow data collected in the classroom naturally by using Navvy throughout the year to be summarized and reported at the end of the school year instead of taking a separate state exam. In short, the data needed for accountability is less detailed than the data Navvy will collect as regular classroom practice. Our districts want this model so they can focus all 180 school days on teaching and learning, using Navvy as a key part of guiding instructional interventions for students along the way.

Navvy provides a complete suite of standard-by-standard practice assessments called Quick Checks. Navvy Quick Checks can be given remotely for both prior-grade and on-grade standards, providing a quick way to identify unfinished learning from prior grades or gauge the progress of an on-grade standard.
Students earn a digital micro certification for each standard they show they have learned on a short Navvy Competency Check. Students have multiple opportunities to earn a microcert for each standard throughout the year, and Navvy keeps learning profiles up-to-date on the student’s Learning Map as the student re-assesses. Learning Maps allow for standards-level within- and across-grade progress monitoring of student competencies.
Students earn microcerts for ELA writing and language standards through formative and/or summative Navvy Writing Checks. Students provide an extended response to a writing task, and Navvy’s team of raters provides standard-by-standard competency diagnoses.


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Premade assessments and instant results with insightful reports that identify student groups for differentiated instruction. Saves time and efficiently focuses instructional time on students' personalized needs.
Up-to-date feedback: Feedback is up-to-date with learning and instruction, unlike interim and end of year data that expires.
Standards-level data guides instructional support resources at all levels (from teacher to student, school to teacher, and district to school), pinpointing strategic actions for increasing student learning.
Standard-by-standard assessments for teaching and learning: Feedback is detailed enough to be relevant to day-to-day instruction and classroom lessons.
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Healthy student growth mindset: For each standard, students have multiple opportunities to fully succeed without penalty for needing additional time or opportunities to learn.
Classroom-embedded assessments available on-demand. Assess any combination of standards at any time to meet your timing and curriculum needs.
Rigor from professional-quality assessments provided for the everyday classroom.
We tailor Navvy to district needs and requests. We are your partner, and you are part of our team!

EdPower and Navvy Education are excited to partner to provide districts with a set of assessment and analytics tools that are being tailored specifically to support Georgia educators. We want to engage our clients to collaborate on enhancements that will meet tomorrow’s needs while leveraging best in class content and service today that will help Georgia schools lead the way in closing student achievement gaps.” - Andrew Klingman, Silverback Learning Solutions

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