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Transform the way you look at the data to improve student outcomes!


Do you truly understand why some students at your school(s) are performing better than others? Would you like to have a clear understanding of what your data is telling you and how you can move all students forward?

Listen to the powerful impact both EdPower and Elam Leadership Institute have had from Sara Wheeler, Director of Magnet programs in South Carolina

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Knowing how to interpret all of the different data streams can feel like a daunting task! Especially because student performance can be hindered by several factors including:


  • Behavior

  • Attendance

  • Learning Environments

  • Teaching Methods

  • Parental Habits and Involvement

  • Opportunity and Fairness




Our work with educators has shown us time after time that knowing how to apply the analysis of the data unlocks the potential to move students forward and help them achieve success!


EdPower believes that information IS power, and with the help of our analytics tools, you can take control of your data and know with confidence the next steps to take for all students. Once there is a global to granular view of the data, the Elam Leadership Institute (ELI) can join in as well to help infuse applicable professional development sessions based on the data needs! 

We are passionate about our work and want to share the benefits of data-driven decision-making with you.  Let us show you how!

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