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Dimension Three



Visual Aids.Use a variety of visual aids such as multiethnic photos, pictures, and props to illustrate concepts and content.

Data Implications and needs of students

Activity 1

High School version of "my favorite things"

Activity 2

Who Am I Activities


Integrate native language. Learn, use, and display some words in students’ heritage language(s).

Pre - Requisite PD

Vetting materials to see if this is a practice

Data Implications and needs of students

Make this an observable to be shown. if there is none this needs to be addressed in PD and or shared ideas


Make Connections. Use students real life experiences to connect school learning to student lives.

Discussion on how this modeling occurs or does not occur. How do you have the children talk about themselves to understand the cultures.

Pre - Requisite PD

PD Connected and Resources for Support

Have parents come. Host a cultural celebration - Celebration of Lights- Celebration of Rights


  • Mirrors and Window- Read something and you see a reflection of yourself as the mirror- You see the reflection of someone else that is the window--

  • Venn diagrams and Learning maps- making connections to themselves and others.

Template and Set-ups

  • Timeline-Student TImelines- significant moments of themselves. Kids to present

  • Graphs of the schools and or class. Thinking Maps- Get an example


Seek Multiple Perspectives.


  • Ask students to reflect upon their own experiences and backgrounds that relate to the situation Acknowledge appropriate perspectives with responses such as: “That is one idea. Does anyone else have another?” “That was one way to solve the problem. Who did it another way?”

  • Allow for student choice when crafting assignments and assessments.

Template and Set-ups

  • Need a template that has the focus of the topic and then different perspectives with:  Example- Christopher Columbus in the Columbus. Multiple Perspective would be native Americans, European Americans, African Americans what are the perspectives

PD Connected and Resources for Support

  • PD on implicit bias and bias in general (pull in one from Kellog grant)

  • School house in the middle parents teachers students cafeteria worker Principle


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