Male Teacher with Students

Expectation. Expect students to learn at high levels.

Pre - Requisite PD

Ask extending questions to elicit higher-level responses. Use probes to guide the student to an appropriate/more robust response.

Template and Set-ups

KWL Worksheet- Needs to be reworked

Data Implications and needs of students


Use higher-level questions and expect students to respond at high levels.

PD Connected and Resources for Support

  • Cooperative Learning Article- Johnson and Johnson

  • Jigsaw Activites and Explanation (has graphics)

  • Sample Jigsaw Lesson


Support Students



Ensure that students demonstrate learning at high levels.


Cooperative learning structures - Think-Pair-Share, Teammates Consult, Jigsaw, Pairs Check, All Students Respond, etc.

Template and Steps

Think Pair Share


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