The first of its kind revolutionary framework finally correlating literacy and equity. Many frameworks identify problems and provide recommendations but the DAAFSI takes this further! The DAAFSI includes a comprehensive review of how to address Equity, English language arts, Leadership, and Professional Development.

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The Deliberate Access and Action Framework for School Improvement

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Curriculum Development

Data Review


Input from all stakeholders helps to understand the unique situations in the organizational culture that may need to be considered in the overall plan.

Discussions around data review and walk-through help districts understand what their specific needs are for increased learning opportunities.

The DAAFSI experience helps to produce your district roadmap for systemic equitable achievement gains while providing correlated and calibrated resources and tools to incorporate.

As a district or school leader, we understand that literacy achievement is the backbone of any successful district’s plan and one of the most complex aspects of teaching. We also understand the many questions school leaders have to ponder to address teaching and learning with equitable practices.  Some considerations are:

Do we stand behind a philosophy for equitable outcomes?
Is there a protocol for addressing inequities in teaching and learning in the district?
Have we systematically infused equity into our daily practices?
Are there barriers that impact effective instruction?
Is equity aligned with literacy throughout each school in the district?
Does our curriculum reflect the populations we serve?
Are we scaffolding based on student needs?
Are parents and community members communicated with effectively?
Are we intentionally getting to know all groups of students based on their cultural backgrounds and lived experiences?
Are teachers supported with the knowledge and skills to positively impact their students learning?