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"Assessment has been the answer since the beginning of time. But today, thanks to sophisticated systems like EdPower, we can know more about what students have learned than ever before. We can accomplish this level of sophistication while reducing educator time spent on writing and grading assessments." - Dr. Sommers


The endless pursuit of Student Success!


Our only customer is student success, everyone else is our partner.

We believe all students can learn and within every learner there is a Future Ready Graduate. We deliver best in class systems, integrated digital learning solutions, and community engagement to unlock student success.

Now Certified for HQSD in Ohio

  • Listed as an ODE Approved Vendor

  • Fulfills one source towards "Value-added" data requirement

  • Offers Standards-aligned, pre-built and/or custom assessments

  • Large question banks included 

  • Student data tracking and reporting

  • Attributable to teacher, course and grade

  • Provides evidence of growth and achievement

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Teacher and Pupil

CF Solutions-EdPower’s Partner!


CF Educational Solutions partners with districts and schools focused on results-driven solutions designed to equip students with the skills needed to succeed. 
We want to create student success with committed partners.  Who is a committed partner?  Someone who defines their success in terms of their student results, not their activities.  Someone who is willing to compare their results with a competitive group of other educators.  Someone who defines their future in terms of competitive student results.  Someone who believes it is within their control to bring about better student results.  Finally, someone who believes collaboration and learning are key to their success.  If this fits your professional vision, please join us in the endless pursuit of student success.

Should we use teachers and staff to educate students or should we use technology to teach them?

 This question embodies either-or thinking. Both-and thinking asks a different question. How do I enhance and extend the power of our teachers and staff to achieve greater student success?  This is the answer we want to help educators answer.
We help educators gain insights on their students' knowledge so they can target learning experiences. All while improving the professional life and development of educators who want to spend more time working with students and less time with paperwork.
Our technology integration systems enable educators to lead better results through liberating the time they need to truly engage students in genuinely enjoyable educational experiences. Our solutions elevate professional educators and the student they lead.
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